The best way to get started on your health and fitness goals is by making sure you have a solid morning routine. Each of us has our own unique rituals and order, but the core concepts are all the same. We each start our day by hydrating, exercising, meditating, and replenishing our bodies with nutrients. Check out our full routines above, but here are timestamps that you can use to jump to the part of the video you are most interested in:
1:00 Signs that your testosterone level is low and how to test it
2:00 A word about the “Weight Guru” scale from Dr. Khoa
2:30 A runthrough of Dr. Khao’s morning routine, including all the foods and supplements I take
4:45 Dr. Khao’s morning exercise routine
5:30 A few apps Dr. Khao uses to assist him with his daily meditation
7:30 Dr. Q discusses his morning ritual, starting with getting in the right headspace as soon as he wakes
8:30 The first thing Dr. Q puts in his body each morning before working out
10:00 Dr. Q’s morning shake recipe
12:30 How Dr. Q finishes up his morning routine before heading to work
“A solid morning routine can work wonders for your health.”

If you start your day the right way each morning, you will find that you have more energy, more happiness, and more of a lust for life. If you have any questions for us about your morning routine or anything else relating to your health and wellness, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you.