Today we’re coming to you from my backyard, where I have a dying aloe vera plant. What can we do to get this aloe vera plant back to good health?

Adding water doesn’t work, and neither does adding sunlight. We even added some fertilizer, but the plant is still dying.

Water, sunlight, and nutrients are all good for the plant, so we shouldn’t stop giving it any of those things. However, the plant still isn’t healthy—so, what’s missing?

Time. We need to continuously add water, sunlight, and nutrients and, after some time has passed, this plant will come back to life.

You need to apply this same principle of the additive health effect to your own life.

When people decide to get healthy or lose some weight, the first thing they do is get a gym membership. They start doing some cardio and lifting weights but, when they jump on the scale two weeks later, they haven’t lost any weight. If that happens, that doesn’t mean you should stop exercising.

The next thing most people will do is start eating better. You spend a few weeks preparing your own food, eating proper meals with the right nutrients, and avoiding bad foods, and you will start to lose weight. Sometimes, though, you might hit a plateau, or you may not lose any weight the first couple of weeks.

“Don’t give up on eating better or working out more in just two weeks!”

Still, you should continue eating healthier and going to the gym. Just because you might not lose weight in a couple weeks doesn’t mean that you’re not healthier. Sometimes, your negative mindset can impact your health. Anytime you are stressed, angry, or depressed, different hormones come into play and prevent you from being able to lose weight.

If you want to get healthy, it’s important that you don’t give up too soon. It’s an additive effect. So, continue to exercise, eat healthy foods, and maintain a positive mindset, and you will notice a difference.

Remember, your health is your biggest asset. Take small steps and add healthy habits to your lifestyle. If you keep those habits up for a long period of time, we guarantee that you will start to feel healthier.

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